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Rosie Powell

Rosie Powell is the lead trainer and mentor for the Studio to Stage project.

Rosie works for Youth Connect South West which is Sound Vision’s delivery partner for our Sound Music stream across Bath and Somerset. Studio to Stage builds on the invaluable work started by Clive 'Flash' Gordon as part of the ‘Street to Studio’ initiative and focuses on live music performance skills. Rosie leads on Arts Awards outcomes for trainees on these courses.

From a young age, Rosie knew her two main passions were music and people. She pursued opportunities that allowed her to combine these, from running choirs to 1-1 coaching and working with marginalised people, the young and young at heart. Rosie’s BA and MA Commercial Music degrees allowed her to develop skills that would not only build her artistry as a singer-songwriter but also equip her to teach, enable and empower. Rosie has found music to be an outlet and an anchor through challenging times and is motivated to share that with others.

I long for others to experience the transformational power of music, made possible through my work with Sound Vision and Youth Connect South West, alongside my songwriting and gigging."

Having been an artist in the local Bath music scene for four years, Rosie decided to move to Bristol. She felt the music scene in Bristol was buzzing, a city alive with diversity and space for everyone to express themselves and find like-minded creatives. Originally from Brighton, Rosie found a sense of home in the spirit of Bristol. She felt that despite Bath having a history rich in the arts, it lacked the breadth and depth of music variety and opportunity. That was until she played a gig in Bristol and met an artist manager, also based in Bath who led her to a revelation:

We were relating to one another about our experience of the Bath music scene and its limitations. He told me about the new music studio he had set up in the heart of Bath, and I asked why he had not transitioned to Bristol. We realised that this generation of creatives needed to persevere so that we could see the transformation where it is needed most. We connected over ‘being the change' we wanted to see, and I was inspired to pursue opportunities to diversify the local scene and empower the next generation of music makers!"

Rosie is working with the Sound Vision and Youth Connect South West team to increase young people's aspirations and opportunities in the music industry. 

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