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Empowering Voices Less Heard

Inclusive education, development, creativity and communications.

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Our Services

Our work spans four key service lines:

Our services

  • Employability and skills-based learning. Exploring creativity in audio, making radio and podcasts in a studio environment.

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  • Working with industry professionals we develop music and production skills for creators, technicians and performers in a studio environment. 

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  • Creating impactful podcasts, to empower voices less heard and inform and inspire audiences.

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  • Building resilience in the not-for-profit media sector and supporting charitable organisations.

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Our Impact

Since launching in 2017, we have helped over 500 people through our Sound Academy and Sound Music training programmes. We are continually building capacity, and our trainee numbers are steadily growing year after year.

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I do not doubt that without my work placement through Pathway to Employment, I would not have the skills, experience, and most importantly confidence needed to thrive in the corporate working environment.

Natalie, Social Media Lead at Accenture, Marketing Consultant for Sound Vision

Nothing is more important than seeing a young person with autism land a good job, seeing the teenager with an eating disorder find a fulfilling life and an ex-offender progress their way into employment. These are the stories, and hundreds like them, that drive us forward.

Dom Chambers, CEO

Case Studies

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Attending Street to Studio has helped with my self-esteem. I have gained the confidence to perform, which I would never have done before.

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Street to Studio really built my confidence and allowed me to express myself. I am now ready to take and own new opportunities. I dream of becoming a singer.

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Street to Studio has boosted my confidence, helped me make music with Logic Pro X and improved my piano playing.

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As part of Street to Studio, I performed. It was a real eye-opener because it proved that people like me can do this and be appreciated for it.

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Emilia has appreciated the opportunity to be listened to on live radio thanks to Sound Academy's After School Training and won't take the opportunity for granted.

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Our Funders

    Supporting Sound Vision

    We rely on philanthropic support to continue as a charity and would welcome your help. Donate today, to help people live a life of their choosing tomorrow.

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