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Clive 'Flash' Gordon


Clive ‘Flash’ Gordon is our lead trainer and mentor for the Street to Studio project in Bath.

Flash works for Youth Connect South West which is Sound Vision’s delivery partner for our Sound Music stream in Bath.

A popular local musician and DJ Clive Gordon – inevitably known by everyone as ‘Flash’ – has worked with young people as a trainer and mentor since 2005. Flash’s work was inspired by his own childhood when he really wanted to learn to play music but his family couldn’t afford to pay for lessons. He sees now what an advantage accessing music training would have been to him and wants others to reap those benefits now.

What excites me about Street to Studio is that people can actually come in off the street to this safe place and learn how to make music. Sometimes they have no experience at all but then you see them, and encourage them, to make a product out of it. They don’t need money to make this happen. Just a willingness to learn.

Flash’s skill set and approach has a great record of making a significant difference to the lives of young people with less opportunities.

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