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Annie Maw

Sound Vision Trustee

Annie leads a remarkable life of caring for others, compassion and public service. It is a story enriched by her personal triumph over adversity.

A founding trustee Annie worked for many years as a nurse in the NHS. She left theNHS when she got married, became a homemaker and cared for her family. A keen horsewoman Annie tragically broke her back in a riding accident. She and her family adjusted to her life in a wheelchair. Typical of Annie she turned the adversity of her own circumstances into new levels of service for others and dedication to many charities in the Somerset region. She has served as both the High Sheriff of Somerset and has recently retired as the Lord Lieutenant.

Her passion and enthusiasm for anything that helps the wellbeing and opportunities of people is infectious. In an extraordinarily busy life, she has found time to be a long-standing supporter of Sound Vision.

Young people are so often undermined by public regard. It’s not fair and that is why I love what Sound Vision is doing. I think it is a brilliant way to help young people build their confidence to set out in their future life. They can the opportunities presented to them and have a fulfilling life as a consequence. What Sound Vision does is so unique and visionary. Vision is in the name because it is a marvellous way of showing people how much they are valued when they are young."

Anniew Maw, Trustee

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