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Naphtala's Story

Sound Music, Street to Studio

Naphtala is a gifted rapper and lyricist.


Street to Studio trainer Flash is a professional musician with years of experience training young music talent and building supportive and inclusive environments. The programme develops transferable skills and self-esteem which support employability outcomes.


Naphtala was Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) and came to the attention of the police for substance misuse. He received a caution and was advised to seek help with Project 28. He engaged with the service and it was his support worker who realised he had a gift for music. They contacted Street to Studio as Naphtala needed a supportive environment where he could build his production skills and confidence to get his music to a wider audience

The police gave me a chance. I wanted to take that chance. Music has always been a big influence on my life. I’d seen other people telling their stories through a microphone, so when it came to telling my own story I knew I could use music as a positive to build on and progress. I wanted to show people that what they might have heard about me isn’t the truth about who I am.

Being involved with Project 28 motivated me when I needed motivation. They have helped me build my confidence by encouraging me to pursue music. I have always been a thinker and a writer, it comes very naturally. It’s a matter of what’s in my brain and my thoughts go straight onto paper. Working with Flash has been brilliant because he knows what he’s doing. I’d love to be on stage doing shows, especially for younger people, people who have been through similar experiences to me, and who can relate to what I’m saying. Performing was a real eye-opener because it showed me that it is not just people who look like me or sound like me or come from the same place as me that can relate to what I’ve been through. People from all walks of life have experienced many different things."

Naphtala, trainee, Sound Music, Street to Studio

Naphtala was good with words and had a lot of passion. He was very determined. We helped him by giving him space to build his production skills and recording technique. He gained confidence and learnt how to communicate with people. Now he is no longer stuck in his bedroom, we helped Naphtala see his true potential in music."

Flash, Trainer, Sound Music, Street to Studio


In 2020, Naphtala started an apprenticeship with Bristol City Council. This was an amazing achievement and an opportunity for his positive progression into the working world. Naphtala is currently in full-time employment with good prospects, he continues to record with Flash and build his experience as a performer. Naphtala now mentors other people coming into the Street to Studio programme and advises on the development of the programme for the future.

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