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Gabrielle's Story

Sound Music, Street to Studio

Gabrielle came to Street to Studio to learn how to produce music with Logic Pro and to improve her skills with musical instruments (piano and guitar). 


Trainees work with industry professionals to develop music and production skills. Training is customised to their needs and aspirations and has powerful personal impacts.


Gabrielle was born with a condition that affects her hands impacting her ability to play instruments, this is especially evident when changing chords. Despite this, Gabrielle was determined to overcome her personal obstacles and learn to play instruments on her own. She worked diligently in every session with her Steet to Studio trainer Flash. Gabrielle found the training environment safe and felt she could be herself, comfortable that she would not be criticised when exploring her musical interests and hobbies.

Street to Studio has boosted my confidence and helped me make music with Logic Pro X. The training significantly improved my piano playing and I can now record myself at home confidently navigating the software.

Gabrielle, trainee, Sound Music, Street to Studio

Gabrielle courageously battled through the Street to Studio course performing very well despite her condition, causing limited use of her hands. She persevered and learned a lot during the training. Gabrielle can now record her music at home on her own.

Flash, Trainer, , Sound Music, Street to Studio


In 2021, Gabrielle completed twelve weeks of Street to Studio training in which she learnt how to make music in Logic Pro X. She learnt a new technique to play chords which is a significant achievement given the physical challenges she faces when playing the Piano. Her time in Street to Studio has boosted her self-esteem as well as her ability to play music. Gabrielle is an excellent illustration of how an individual's determination combined with the personalised nature of our training courses can result in success and self-fulfilment.

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