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Evie's Story

Sound Music, Street to Studio

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Evie joined Sound Music's Street to Studio as a naturally talented singer. She had low confidence and wanted to use music as a platform to build her self-esteem.


During Street to Studio, our trainees spend up to 6 months working in small groups to learn about music production whilst gaining invaluable hands-on experience. Our trainer Flash is a professional musician with years of experience training young music talent. The training was customised and involved developing industry knowledge, production skills, and competence with industry-standard software and hardware. Skills and confidence gained are transferable to help progress into work.


Evie’s mum heard about Street to Studio and reached out to the CEO of Youth Connect, Tracey Pike who referred her to Sound Music.

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You can listen to Evie's Story here.

I have always loved to sing, but my lack of confidence never allowed me to flourish. I had been suffering from low self-esteem and singing was the perfect way to tackle my anxieties and fears. I could gain a voice through music. My trainer Flash was amazing right from the start. He supported me to do what I love, singing with a smile. Flash helped me select relevant songs and developed my vocals allowing me to work to my potential. The training was my safe place and gave me focus through the pandemic. The sessions were fun and I was able to express myself while developing my singing skills. I feel ready to spread my wings and face new challenges and chapters in my life. I would never have imagined I could sing in a studio and feel confident, let alone sing at the Youth Connect 'Young People's Awards' which was such a fantastic experience." 

Evie, Sound Music, Street to Studio

Evie is a perfect example of what Street to Studio can do to a young person’s life. When she first walked through the door, Evie was low on confidence and embarrassed to sing. Through hard work and determination, she has grown significantly into a very talented young singer. Her raw talent and passion for music have shone through in every session, she has developed considerably and is a superstar in the making. I really believe Evie can go far in her singing career".

Flash, Trainer, Sound Music, Street to Studio


Previously Evie’s school attendance was intermittent due to her anxiety. As a result of her progress in Street to Studio, Evie is now attending school full-time in Year 11 and looking forward to going to starting College in September.

Significant achievement

During Street to Studio in March 2022, Evie was interviewed and sang on Somer Valley FM, her local Radio Station. She covered Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and it was shared across social media channels in Bath and North East Somerset. Evie also sang live at the Youth Connect Young People's Awards and appeared in their celebratory film.

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