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Looking back at Local Radio Day 2023

10th Nov 2023

Sound support | Local radio day

Sound Vision organise Local Radio Day each year to strengthen and elevate the industry. We hope to create more future pathways and opportunities for the next generation of radio talent and our aspiring trainees. 

Local Radio Day 2023 was a huge success!

The team here at Sound Vision were blown away when over 120 stations participated, filling the airwaves and social media with extraordinary stories of their “Community Heroes”. The response was truly inspiring, with palpable enthusiasm, excitement and positivity echoing throughout the country. Local Radio Day had a reach on social media of at least 3.5 million, a phenomenal result and an increase of 133% from last year.  

On the run-up to the day, making the most of this year’s theme, we decided to showcase some truly exceptional radio stations as our Community Heroes. Some of the stations we featured included; Awaaz FM, who have worked tirelessly to represent the Goan community, not only locally but worldwide, and Cando FM, the heartbeat of Furness, Cumbria, who stood out as a platform for diverse voices and open dialogue. Deal Radio used this year’s theme to ask their community to nominate local heroes and received so many nominations that it was not possible to get them all on-air! 

So many other stations joined in, sharing their stories of community engagement, charity initiatives, and inclusive programming. From live broadcasts to interactive community events, the spirit of Local Radio Day was alive and well across the UK. Above all, the whole event served as a testament to the power of local media, a reminder of the significant impact that local radio stations have on their communities, showcasing their unwavering dedication to creating connections and making a positive difference.  

As we wrap up Local Radio Day 2023, despite turbulent times we are left with the lasting impression that Local Radio in the UK remains resilient. We are delighted to report that this year saw 42 stations participating for the first time, a growth we are putting our all into matching next year.  

This year, we partnered with TM Studios and Devaweb who produced sung jingles and audio imaging for 2023. They were also joined by supporters RadioToday, the Community Media Association, Local Media NetworkThe Radio HubThe Radio AcademyLocal Radio Support and local radio stations across the country.  

Thanks again to the extraordinary stations that make our communities stronger and better connected. To register for 2024, visit www.localradioday.co.uk and to offer partnership support email organiser Maxine Stride at LRD@soundvision.charity.  

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