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Mark's Story

Sound Academy, Pathway to Employment

Listen in as Mark describes his experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Mark attends Pathway to Employment, where he quickly developed confidence, experienced an uplift in mood and built skills valuable for future employment.


Pathway to Employment focuses on building employability but is open to everyone looking to develop their skills. We welcome professionals looking to broaden their experience and skills, first-time job seekers and everyone in between. We provide customised training for all ages and abilities using a mix of workshops, mentoring, traineeships and work placements to hone industry skills, interview skills, CV crafting and confidence in the workplace.

We are partnered with community radio stations in Somerset and Greater London, who provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for this training. We have SEND qualified trainers for those who require extra support.

On request, we partner directly with schools, colleges and universities to offer their students work placements in journalism, media, business and marketing. Sound Vision deliver supported work placements for post-16 at Fosse Way School (a specialist school in Radstock). Our Pathway to Employment placements take place in their local community radio station, Somer Valley FM.


Mark attends Fosse Way School as a Post-16 student. He joined Sound Vision in September 2023, and as part of his placement participates for three hours every week during term time.

Listen here

Mark describes his experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder to the listeners of Somer Valley FM.


Mark had no previous radio training and was initially disengaged from the process. Soon he was being trained in a working studio environment and having fun. 

What have I learnt? I’ve learnt to be less grumpy and more confident. I’m confident talking on the radio and to the camera and having my photograph taken. When I first came to Sound Vision, I didn’t want to do this. Now, they can’t get rid of me."

Mark, Sound Academy, Pathway to Employment

Working alongside our SEND-qualified trainer in a safe, structured and supportive environment, Mark quickly built skills useful in future employment. More importantly, he developed confidence and experienced an uplift in mood.  

When you are thinking about your school exams you can come to Sound Vision, and not worry about that and feel more free. "

Mark, Sound Academy, Pathway to Employment

Significant achievement

We usually find a way to ensure that every trainee who wants to be on air can be. Mark used his training and improved confidence to tell his own story. Working in a collaborative pair, Mark contributes to a radio show called “Sound Vision on Somer Valley FM”.

A big thank you to the wonderful Sunrise Foundation, which funds our work with Specialist Schools. If you are a school and would like to enquire about placing students with us for potentially life-changing work experience opportunities. Contact Dom Chambers at domchambers@soundvision.charity.

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