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GN's Story

Sound Academy, Alternative Provision

Year 9 student GN was facing mental health challenges. She attended Sound Academy's Alternative Provision for 18 weeks, where she gained an Arts Award and significantly developed her self-esteem.


During the first nine weeks of Sound Academy's Alternative Provision, the students follow a structured lesson plan. Then the following nine weeks see the trainees work on individual projects and gather evidence for submission for a Bronze Arts Award. They work in pairs to create different types of audio, customised to their learning needs.


GN was a Year 9 student referred by Norton Hill School. When she first arrived for the sessions she was timid and introverted. However, after a few weeks of Sound Academy's Alternative Provision, she began to open up. GN talked extensively about her mother who has ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), and her younger brother who is autistic. She talked about her nervousness and how she had experienced trauma in the past. When GN joined Sound Academy she was attending 'Off The Record', a youth mental health and counselling service. GN slowly settled into our safe, inclusive and judgement-free environment freely discussing her concerns and sharing details of her life. Her confidence grew considerably, allowing her to step outside her comfort zone, for example attending a school radio meeting with another one of our after-school students. As part of her Individual Learning Plan she was asked what she hoped to gain from the course, she wrote, ‘to be more social and be more confident in myself.’ Our trainers feel that she has definitely achieved this goal.

I’m still anxious but I’ve definitely had my confidence boosted. I can even dance in front of people now. I am more social and talk to more people.

GN, Year 9 Student, Sound Adademy, Alternative Provision

GN has blossomed during the 18 weeks she has been with us. She really enjoyed the diary writing sessions which allowed her to be creative with her writing, which she loves. I was so proud of her for having the courage to go to the Norton Hill radio meeting, what an achievement for someone with low self-esteem and anxiety."

Maggie, Trainer, Sound Adademy, Alternative Provision


GN has appreciated being given the opportunity to be listened to and she now believes that she has something worthwhile to say. She has produced several pieces of audio to a good standard and has technical skills she can leverage in the future. Sound Academy has developed GN's self-esteem and resilience to the extent that she no longer needs to attend Off The Record.

Significant achievement

During her training GN successfully gained an Arts Awards Bronze.

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Emilia has appreciated the opportunity to be listened to on live radio thanks to Sound Academy's After School Training and won't take the opportunity for granted.

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Street to Studio really built my confidence and allowed me to express myself. I am now ready to take and own new opportunities. I dream of becoming a singer.

What have I learnt? I’ve learnt to be less grumpy and more confident. I’m confident talking on the radio and to the camera and having my photograph taken. When I first came to Sound Vision, I didn’t want to do this. Now, they can’t get rid of me.

Since my involvement in Sound Vision my life has changed for the better and I feel it has put me back on track regarding my personal creativity and enthusiasm to learn.

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