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Emilia Pyka's Story

Sound Academy, After School Training

Emilia participated in the Sound Academy, After School Training at Riverside Radio and achieved an NCFE Level 1 Award in Radio Production.


60 hours of training on various aspects of radio work including presenting, producing, editing, and researching skills. Sessions were designed to meet the core learning objectives in the education framework laid out by the NCFE. Lessons focused on individual, pair, and group assessments and both formal and informal evidence was collected. Feedback was provided at the end of each session to help nurture and grow the learner's educational development.


When Emilia joined Sound Academy sessions they were very quiet and shy. After just a few weeks, Emilia opened up and talked extensively about their family's Polish heritage, Asperger's Syndrome and their propensity to occasionally miss social cues. Emilia spoke about anxiety and shared concerns that they would say or do the wrong thing, often checking in with course facilitators to make sure they were doing the correct thing. As the weeks progressed, Emilia found their voice and became more confident, and sure of themself and their place in the course. Emilia became comfortable in the studio and quickly created their own weekly segment on the live broadcast where they would quiz the other presenters on a topic based on current events for example, Halloween, Black History Month, Pride Month, etc. Facilitators could see Emilia's confidence grow exponentially which was evident when they and several other course participants were invited to be guest speakers at the Community Media Festival 2022. When asked if they would like to continue in radio to gain more qualifications Emilia said, ‘obviously yes!’

Many people say that radio is a dying medium but we are living proof that radio is still going. Radio is still important and to be honest, I don’t think I am ever going to quit because once you get into radio it’s amazing.”

Emilia Pyka, May 2022, Speech at the Community Media Festival

Emilia has excelled throughout their time at Riverside Radio. They thrived in the fact-checking and research aspect of radio production which allowed them to showcase their skills to peers. I was so proud of them for having the courage to speak at the Community Media Festival 2022, where they won the crowd over instantly which was comprised of industry professionals. For someone who struggles with social cues and forming relationships, this was a huge achievement."

Wayne, Course Facilitator at Riverside Radio, Sound Academy, After School Training.


Emilia has appreciated the opportunity to be listened to on live radio and won't take this opportunity for granted. They have produced several live audio pieces to a good standard and have technical skills they could use in the future. After School Training gave Emilia the confidence and security to become part of the next generation of successful broadcasters.

Significant achievement

Emilia has successfully achieved an NCFE LEVEL 1 Award in Radio Production. They also gained self-confidence and communication skills leading to a very well-received public speaking opportunity on stage at the Community Media Festival 2022.

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